Products & Services

Linux consulting and open source solutions

Businessware-Tech provides a wide range of infrastructure support services for Linux and Open Source Software. We specialise in hosting infrastructure and corporate Linux environments offering a complete line of support services for each category. We focus on deployment, integration, development and administrative training. With managed Linux support, your business can get on with doing what it does best, without worrying about the performance or security of the network.

Linux-HA and Load Balancing Is a Cisco ASA or BigIP Load Balancer too expensive for your company to afford? Do you really need load balancers which can cost over $100,000 while a Linux based solution can do everything your infrastructure needs for a 10th of the cost? We have extensive experiencing designing high performance linux based load balancers which are being used by many large corporations providing load balanced solutions for their web infrastrctures.

Zarafa Email & Collaboration

Zarafa WebApp is the web client where file sharing, web meetings and business apps like email and calendar come together. Use your web browser and mobile devices to instantly connect with team members. Escape from unnecessary endless email threads, and take your data with you. In your web browser, and on mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

Enigneers can easily secure email communication with Zarafa’s S/MIME extension for WebApp. And will stay owner of your data forever: the software suite can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. First and foremost, Zarafa’s communication and sharing platform is build on open source.

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning

OpenERP is a comprehensive "Suite of Business Applications" including but not limited to Sales, Purchase, Marketing, CRM, Project management, Warehousing & Inventory management, Manufacturing, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Point of Sales, Self-Service and Portal just to name a few. Over 2000+ Odoo ERP modules are available to further enhance the Core with specific functionality, with the facility of custom/specialized Module development and Implementation services from Businessware-Tech.

Web Development

Businessware-Tech development team has enough expertise to embody even the most daring ideas into perfect web apps. Our outsourcing team does not just create custom web applications but also solves your business problems. We are ever-ready to meet your high expectations and quality standards, find solutions for your business tasks, and offer future product evolution opportunities. Our highly experienced and dedicated offshore web app development team will provide you with excellent usability, responsiveness, and security, providing you with your web app’s flawless and smooth operation.

Our web app development services cover the entire spectrum from design and development to deployment. Businessware-Tech team aims to be your reliable IT partner providing innovative products, generating value with custom solutions, architecting your mobile app platforms or online roadmap while ensuring delivery of the highest quality. Our highly proficient offshore web app developers and designers deliver resource flexibility and experience across the supply chain, providing a compassionate and flexible growth environment.

Mobile App Development

Our team has decades of experience in custom mobile app development that spans various industries from retail to healthcare and energy. Businessware-Tech proactive team can dive into your business ecosystem, explore the market, and understand your needs, requirements, and capabilities. Then, you can choose the team of your choice to build a custom strategy and unlock mobile technology’s full potential for your company. It’s what custom mobile app development is all about where our team gets to know your business and tailor the application development services as per your goals and expectations.

Right from wireframing to prototyping the MVP, our offshore team works closely with you to incorporate your invaluable inputs. On-demand solutions, economical white label products, industry-specific apps, and the list goes on.

UI/UX Design

An impressive UI goes beyond capturing the user’s attention, creating outstanding UX, and building the business brand. Hence, every business should focus on creating immersive UI designs that drive improved UX. At Businessware-Tech, our UI/UX development team comprehends user-centered designs’ value and understands their impact on your user experience. We ensure that users’ perspectives form the core of the development process and deliver enhanced usability in each of the softwares we create.

We have an offshore team of UI/UX designers who focus on user expectations and incorporate the UX design practice in each app development cycle stage. Our offshore UI/UX researchers and designers specialize in creating aesthetically appealing, user-friendly interfaces and are easy to navigate. Our designing team will enable you to avail a scalable and robust user experience that maximizes your ROI and promotes your branding strategy.